I. Rogas

Pure Affinity B-3 Nicotinamide is so refreshing. I have been taking it for about two weeks and have noticed an increase in my energy level and a glow in my skin. I’ve taken other B-3 supplements in the past and never really noticed any changes. Pure Affinity’s is by far the best I have tried! Will definitively replenish once I am out!

J. Fink

I can tell you right now that this stuff works!!!! I wish I would of known about this 2 years ago before my wedding. Im amazed by this natural product. Thank you who ever made this. I will buy one every month.


This product is what I have been looking for! I have always been skeptical of products that promise a boost in energy from one little pill. However, after almost a month on Nicotinamide, my skepticism is gone! I finally feel like I have the energy needed to run after three kiddos. If you are hesitant on trying the product, take the plunge! My only regret is waiting this long to try it!

J. Bretz

Was recommended by my dermatologist because of severe sun damaged skin and many, many surgeries to remove pre-cancerous areas. Still have a lot of basil cells frozen but the number of squamous cells, requiring Mohs surgery have significantly diminished. The only change has been two 500mg caps of this product, twice daily.

B. Kuzzina

I am a trainer and try to guide my clients with healthy options to curve their appetite and cleanse their system. This blend has been great for those that don’t like the bitter taste of Apple Cider Vinegar, but enjoy the health benefits. I will continue to recommend this to all of my clients.